About Us

Come visit Saint James the Fisherman Episcopal Church

Located in a coastal community, Saint James the Fisherman is a welcoming, friendly, and caring parish.  So, it is easy to feel you belong in this active community devoted to outreach.  In addition, friendliness, fellowship, helpful, and supportive,  ranked as the most valued attributes of our congregation.  
We also ranked very high in inclusiveness and welcoming visitors.

Saint James the Fisherman is a vibrant parish with a joyful relationship with God and others.  We provide corporate prayer and worship with a Eucharist weekly.  We offer three weekly services as well as special services.  Also, Lay Eucharistic and the clergy visit shut-ins to provide communion, bulletins, and newsletter.  Additionally, members of the parish provide meals for parishioners who are ill or house bound as needed.  We hold a reception for family and friends after a funeral service by ECW and DOK.  Classes are held periodically, during the week, and throughout the year on various topics.  On Good Friday, a walk for the Stations of the Cross is sponsored by our parish and has been for many years.  And we invite all people in our town and area to participate to walk along Main Street in Shallotte carrying the cross and reading at the stations.


Entrance Saint James the Fisherman